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Safe at Church, L.L.C. provides a variety of services to churches and religious organizations.

Church Safety and Security

Seminars - Presentations to pastors, staff, and church leaders providing a how-to training that will assist you in safeguarding your staff and congregation.

Consulting - We can provide practical information, specific to your church, that will enhance the safety of the pastoral staff, congregation, and church facility.

Investigative Services - We conduct any type of investigation or we can assist you in conducting your own inquiry.

Background Screening for Church Staff and Volunteer Workers - We do screening for all 50 states.

(You May Choose From Any of the Following Topics)

Responding to Intruders Who Enter the Church

This session will provide practical information on how a church can prepare for, and deal with, dangerous incidents and persons. This session will address the following issues.

When a dangerous intruder enters the church property.
When an intoxicated or mentally ill person enters the church property.
When a domestic (marital) dispute spills over into the church or Sunday school class.
When incidents such as these occur during church office hours throughout the week.

Protecting the Congregation by Utilizing Background Screening for Paid and Volunteer Staff

This session will address the following issues.

Negligent hiring of staff and volunteers.
Types of background screening.
Legal liability for the local church.
What do churches need?
What is background screening?

Appropriately Dealing With Issues Pertaining to Child Abuse, Sexual Child Abuse and The Legally Mandated Responsibilities of the Church Staff Member

This is a very important, yet frightening, topic for church leaders. This session will provide practical information for dealing with issues of child abuse. This session will address the following issues.

Laws pertaining to mandatory reporting of child abuse, sexual child abuse, and child neglect.
The appropriate, and legal, response when abuse or neglect is detected.
Recommendations for safety and security for the church nursery.
Training for preschool, Sunday school, and nursery staff pertaining to child abuse issues.

How to Conduct an Investigation of Incidents and Complaints That Occur Within the Church

Most pastors and pastoral staff members have not received training on how to gather facts of an incident that has occurred within the church. Addressed will be how to conduct an investigation.

The need to conduct thorough investigations.
Collecting evidence.
Types of evidence.
The investigative process.
Legal requirements and limitations.

Preparing for and Responding to Medical Emergencies

Churches must prepare for medical emergencies and this session tells how to do it. This session will address the following issues.

What is a medical emergency?
The use of CPR, First-Aid, and AED’s
Why is this important?
What is a medical emergency plan?
What equipment should the church purchase?
Develop a medical emergency plan.
Sample outline of a medical emergency plan.

Safety and Security Issues for the Church-Owned Preschool, Day Care, and Christian School

This session will provide recommendations that a church-owned preschool, day care and Christian school can implement to enhance safety of the staff and children. This session will address the following issues.

Access control.
Implementing a staff training program.
Creation of a reporting and tracking system.
Establishment of supervision.
Developing and practicing a crisis management Visitor processing and screening plan.

How to Organize a Church Security Team Program

This session will provide details as to how to organize a church security officer team that provides security services to the congregation. They serve to compliment to the usher and greeter staff. This session will address the following issues.

Leadership positions and qualifications.
Dress code.
Selection process and recruiting.
Qualifications for security officers.
Services to be provided.
Coordination with ministerial staff.

Utilization of Security/Surveillance Cameras in the Church

This session will provide a thorough discussion regarding the controversial topic of utilizing security/surveillance cameras in the church facility. This session will address the following issues.

Legal implications.
Why a church should use security cameras.
The appropriate application of security cameras.
How to get started.
Recommended placement of security cameras.

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